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Managers point to the finish line.

Leaders motivate people to cross it. 

                                                  Jim Signorelli 


Storytelling For Leaders is a program that turns managers into motivators. It is a program used by companies, both big and small, - companies like IBM, Microsoft, Capital One, Coca-Cola, Coldwell Banker, Wrigley and many others, in 22 countries around the world. More than just a "how to" program. It is a"learn by doing"program. 


Why Storytelling?

It's unlikely that anyone has to convince you that a story well told can very powerful.

There are few forms of communication that do what stories do when it comes to clarifying ideas, influencing change,  and aiding memory -  the desired effects of all business communication. 


But how does one go about using storytelling in business situations appropriately?

By the end of this workshop, you and your team will not only know the answer to this question,

but you will also have gained practice using techniques and methodologies tailored to any number of business situations. 


Storytelling For Leaders is taught by business leaders for business leaders.

It provides tools that come out of the science of storytelling and applies them to the art of leadership.




Download the Storytelling For Leaders

Program Guide







Who should attend?

This program is for managers on up to C-level executives. 

It is for anyone who is challenged with the need to inform, train, motivate, inspire or persuade.

If you are looking to become a more influential communicator, this program is for you. 















What to expect

Together, your team will take transformative steps towards becoming more persuasive, engaging and likable leaders.  Specifically, they will:


  • Gain a unique set of tools, tips, and training needed to become engaging and persuasive presenters.

  • Understand how to gain more cooperation and loyalty from colleagues and employees.

  • Become better at listening, understanding and reacting to different ideas.


This is more than a "one-and-done" workshop

Your Team Will Participate In Our Exclusive Deliberate Practice Program

This program is designed to help participants build on their skills once the workshops are completed. Exercises are emailed weekly for six months.


Video role-play module

This optional program provides the opportunity for one of our story professionals to provide feedback to videotaped sales presentations. Ask for details.


Contact Jim Signorelli Directly

Learn more about him and his Story-Lab workshops

About Story-Lab
At Story-Lab, we help leaders, sales people and change agents give facts and data the heart beat they need in order to influence, inspire and motivate audiences.
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