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Radio Interview on StoryBrandingJim Signorelli
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Let Jim Signorelli help you find, develop, and gain followers of your brand's story.  

I have found Jim Signorelli to be one of the most visionary and thought-provoking person who brings the best out in me and my decision making with his natural sense of branding and positioning. As I've moved around turning around brands, the first person I think of when trying to set my compass is Jim. He has a way of sorting out the complicated and making things fit easily into the authenticity of what a brand is. If you're looking for a thought partner, take Jim with you on those early miles and your journey will be easier.


Jim Hyatt

President &CEO

California Pizza Kitchen

After reading his book, I asked Jim Signorelli to conduct a StoryBranding workshop for all our creative teams here at FOCUS Brands. The results were better than expected. Besides giving us us a new set of tools to excavate the belief engines that drive each of our brands., he also helped us create meaningful tactics to leverage what we discovered. If you are looking for a way for your brands to stand out against the backdrop of intense competition, I highly recommend getting in touch with Jim


Jon Gordon

SVP, Executive Creative Director at FOCUS Brands

"It is almost too good to be true that this book has finally been written. Jim Signorelli blends years of wisdom with the magic of story in a format that is so accessible it makes me cry that I didn't have it twenty years ago"
--Annette Simmons, Best selling author of Whoever Tells the Best Story Wins and The Story Factor

"We all use stories to communicate with each other--families, friends, or business associates. Jim has captured the essence of how to tell a good story that not only resonates with the listener but drives home the message in a clear and concise fashion."
--Russ Umphenour, CEO, Focus Brands

“I've done the science research to establish why stories are so powerful for human communications. Jim's book is an excellent practical guide to how you effectively use them."
--Kendall Haven, Story Strategist/Author/Master Storyteller

“Jim Signorelli masterfully decodes brand storytelling without ever going astray from the business conversation. Therein lies his genius. He remains grounded in a story we can all relate to: delivering a functional framework for how brands can speak truth. An essential must read.”
--Michael Margolis, president, Get Storied; author of Believe Me

“All marketers should read Jim's book, especially those who haven't embraced storytelling. It not only drives home the efficacy of storytelling, but also offers a road map for leveraging this tool to uniquely communicate the human essence of a brand. Thought provoking and useful book."
--Dennis Dunlap, CEO, American Marketing Association

For a slideshow explanation of the StoryBranding Process, Click Here 

   What percentage of your customers and employees would highly agree with the following?: 


"This brand is the brand for people like me"


Ask them. Because the answer you get will be the most important determinant of your brand's long-term success. Even more important than Net Promoter Scores.  The higher the number, the more customer loyalty and the less employee turnover.


You probably know what makes your product(s) different. But in order to achieve long term brand affinity, your product's difference today, won't be different tomorrow. The only thing that will help you achieve long-term competitive success is a strong and resonant brand story - a narrative that connects emotionally with your customers and employees. 

A tailored StoryBranding workshop will help you and your leadership team focus on your brand's position in the marketplace and for the purpose of achieving strong and long-lasting brand affinity.  

Who should attend this workshop?


  • Owners of professional services firms who need to find or clarify what their brand stands for. 

  • B2B or B2C corporate strategists looking for a way to more meaningfully differentiate a maturing brand 

  • Creatives seeking solutions on how to give new life to old brands.

  • Owners and managers of companies wanting to turn employees into brand advocates

  • Small budget advertisers looking for ways to create buzz and word-of-mouth advertising

  • Large budget advertisers seeking messaging techniques that provide more impact

  • Brand managers wanting to increase customer loyalty


To RequestA StoryBranding Workshop Proposal, Click Here

StoryBranding 2.0 is no ordinary "how-to" branding book. 

In this award-winning, internationally acclaimed book, you will learn how to transform your brand into a story that will motivate customers and inspire employees.

By adopting a process authors use to write captivating stories, you will gain insights other "how-to" branding books ignore. Drawing on the principles of character development, you will be given a set of easy-to-use tools for developing a groundbreaking brand identity.  You will walk away knowing how to turn skeptics into buyers and buyers into followers.


This third printing of StoryBranding will provide you with a system to uncover hidden obstacles that often cause company failures.

After completing each step in the 6C’s Process, you will have completed a StoryBrief, a one-page blueprint that succinctly identifies a course of action for all to follow. You’ll learn all this in an easy-to-read, entertaining format that is full of useful examples.


Or download Kindle version FREE

through Kindle Unlimited

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