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(Private) Storytelling Coaching



You've seen how audiences respond to storytellers. You might have read books about storytelling or been told how it can influence, inspire and motivate others. But how do you apply storytelling to your specific business situation? Answering these questions is the focus of our one-on-one storytelling coaching program.


Six-Week One-On-One training 

During six weekly one-hour sessions, you will gain the tools, the practice, and the confidence to regularly use stories in business situations where you want to become more engaging, influential or inspiring. With individual coaching, your presentations and general communication skills will improve dramatically.  In addition to practicing with various strategic storytelling techniques, together we will  . 



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Who Should Attend?

This workshop is for business professionals who want to improve their presentation skills and who would like  personalized attention.  



What Can You Expect?


  • During the first week, you will be given an assessment to determine you skill level and your goals.  You will then be introduced to the material we are going to cover. You’ll then be asked to videotape your first practice session for review the following week.


  • The next five sessions will focus on helping you accomplish your stated goals using general storytelling techniques and proven storytelling patterns.


  • After each session, you will be asked to videotape a useful story that incorporates the strategies you have learned.  Each of these five sessions will begin with a review of your videotaped rehearsal. It’s important that you actually see your progress from week to week.  That is why videotaped rehearsals will become a critical component of your training.


About Story-Lab
At Story-Lab, we help leaders, sales people and change agents give facts and data the heart beat they need in order to influence, inspire and motivate audiences.
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