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Narrative Strategist

Storytelling Workshops for Business, Coaching, Keynotes, and Brand Strategy

The choice for leaders is not whether to use storytelling. Rather, it is about knowing how to use it with purpose. 

Jim Signorelli -

CEO of Story-Lab 

And Best-Selling Author of Storybranding 

Storytelling methods


           JIM SIGNORELLI'S   

If you have a birth certificate,

you already have an amazing verbal skill.

You regularly apply this skill in conversations with friends. 
It helps others see things from your perspective.
And you like how it pulls people in, wanting to hear more. 
Yet in business settings, this skill takes a backseat to hard cold facts and opinions - despite the risk of apathy, resistance or boredom. 
The skill is called STORYTELLING. 
And when you know how to use it as a business tool, it will open up your passage to persuasion.  
Why Storytelling?
The best answers to that question come from companies like IBM, Microsoft,  Capital One, Coldwell Banker, Wrigley, Cargill,  Coca-Cola, and many others employing the practical tools Story-Lab provides.  
If you are an agent of change  - a business executive, sales professional, consultant or coach - If you're looking for a better way to inspire, persuade, align, or motivate others -  you owe it to yourself to have an initial consultation.   
Jim is one of the most visionary and creative people I have had the pleasure of working with. Jim is unbelievably dedicated and brings incredible energy and passion to his business. You simply won’t find a better person who more deeply cares about the clients and people he works with and looks to lead to success.
Tom Dennis, VP Business Development, Daymon Worldwide


Change The Way 

You Persuade.

Influencing change can be difficult. You could be adding to the difficulty without knowing it. Watch Jim Signorelli explain.

About Story-Lab
At Story-Lab, we help leaders, sales people and change agents give facts and data the heart beat they need in order to influence, inspire and motivate audiences.
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