Storytelling Skills For The Sales Professional

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Storytelling for Sales and Persuasion is an intensive training program that will give your sales staff a relationship-building competitve edge. Unlike many sales workshops, this will be a workshop built around your specific product or service.  This means that your sales staff will gain practice using persuasive storytelling strategies relevant to problems and opportunites they face.

Storytelling Skills enhance Sales Strategy

Not that long ago, selling mostly involved presenting
the functions and features of your product in the best light. It was transactional and easy.

Then things got tougher and more complex, integrated selling happened. Big companies relied on their direct sales teams to land big deals.
But it wasn’t easy. A great solution seller became harder and harder to find.

When the Internet arrived, the buyer began to know more about the solution than the seller. Business models changed radically. We now live in a world where the largest taxi service doesn’t own any cars (Uber) and the largest accommodation service is property-free (Airbnb).

The solution sale remains one of the best ways to maintain premium pricing – it’s hard for a competitor to copy an integrated solution. But the sophisticated buyer now wants business insights, and to move their relationship with the seller from transactional to relational, even intimate. Consequently, sellers need to be even more savvy and productive.

Storytelling for Sales help professionals outperform competition through Storytelling Workshops

It’s been said that star performers who sell solutions are almost 200% more productive than the average seller. When we ask sales managers what sets their star performers apart from the rest, they consistently tell us that the stars are intuitive strategic storytellers. Storytelling skills have become vital in the new selling environment.

So to bring the next 20–40% of
sales teams up to the star performer level, organizations must help them to explicitly learn the storytelling techniques that their stars know implicitly.

The Storytelling For Sales workbook guides you to improved sales strategy through storytelling skillsThe Sales Storytelling Planner is provided to reinforce Storytelling Skills and therefore improve Sales Strategy

Every attendee will be provided with a 150-page workbook to help them review and practice storytelling strategies following the workshop.  Additionally, they will be provided with a Story Planner to help them spot and record stories they can use in live situations

Jim Signorelli teaches presentation skills & storytelling training in Storylab workshops

Jim Signorelli is an Anecdote accredited Storytelling For Sales Trainer and conducts sales team workshops throughout the United States and Canada.

What Can You Expect?

Storylab & Jim Signorelli author of Storybranding Your sales staff will learn how to

•Establish rapport with CONNECTION STORIES.

•Build credibility with SUCCESS STORIES.

  • Learn STORY-LISTENING and how to build
    a story repertoire.
  • Learn how to demonstrate value with
  • Ask for the business and overcome objections
    by dealing with ANTI-STORIES and using
  • Bring it all together by MAKING A PITCH around
    your opportunity and getting feedback from us
    and the group.

Storylab & Jim Signorelli author of Storybranding A pre-workshop for sales managers is run to preview materials their sellers will get and provide them with the basic skills and philosophy that will be shared. We expect the sales managers to play a central role in the program, actively demonstrating their support.
Storylab & Jim Signorelli author of StorybrandingThe Deliberate practice program (dpp)

The DPP is designed to help participants practice their new skills in the workplace.

It’s delivered weekly as a short email over a 6-month period.

Each email contains a small activity designed to help participants put into practice in the workplace something they learned in the workshop. It also acts as a reminder that they are learning about storytelling.

The email activities focus on things like:

  • How to spot a story
  • How to remember a story
  • How to build your story repertoire
  • When to refresh a story
  • When not to tell a story
  • Finding anti-stories

Storylab & Jim Signorelli author of StorybrandingWorking on real opportunities

Sellers are busy people. It’s hard for them to put aside two days to learn a new skill. That’s why we focus the training
on improving a live opportunity, to help make progress in closing the sale.

Storylab & Jim Signorelli author of StorybrandingVideo Role Play (Optional)

This program will allow one of our story professionals to provide feedback to videotaped sales presentations. Ask for details.