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Storytelling for Leaders is more than a workshop. It is a course designed to change lives. It starts with a full-day interactive learning session, followed by six-months of short, weekly training-modules where we teach attendees how to use storytelling patterns including The Connection Pattern, The Success Story Pattern, The Clarity Pattern, The Influence Pattern and others.

What Can You Expect?

Your organization will evolve into one that has purpose, drive and collaboration:

Storylab & Jim Signorelli author of StorybrandingNo matter how different their point of view, managers will become far more capable of expressing it clearly and confidently.
Storylab & Jim Signorelli author of StorybrandingManagers will learn and practice techniques that will help them become more engaging, persuasive presenters.
Storylab & Jim Signorelli author of StorybrandingThrough various “connection” exercises, leaders will learn how to gain more cooperation and loyalty from subordinates.
Storylab & Jim Signorelli author of StorybrandingConvergent and divergent thinkers will work better together as they become better able to listen, understand and react to different ideas.

That’s a tall order for any program, let alone a storytelling program. But science is now showing that we are hard-wired to think in terms of stories. Especially when change must be communicated and supported by new behaviors, speaking in term of stories is the glove that fits the hand.

storytelling techniques gained from storytelling for leaders

We all need better ways
to influence, build engagement and inspire people to take action.

From leaders to project managers, salespeople to consultants, trainers
to sourcing professionals, we all need to get our ideas to stick.

Our STORYTELLING FOR LEADERS program develops participants’ story skills to do exactly that.

We know that stories are engaging – we tell them informally and people listen, they get what we are
saying and they remember it. Yet few people in business systematically harness the natural power of story in
the workplace.

Our Storytelling for Leaders program shows participants how to use the three key areas of story-work
– storytelling, story-listening and story-triggering – to influence, engage and inspire people.

These are just some of the companies that have participated in Storytelling for Leaders:

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