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Branding Workshops by Storylab teach storytelling in business. StoryBranding & Branding Workshops

Today, you need more than a brand. You need a living, breathing story.

Storytelling is all the rage in marketing. But it’s one thing to tell a story and quite another to have one.
An impactful story must have an engaging plot and a meaningful reason to exist. The same holds true for brand stories. However, a potent brand story will be found outside the fiction or fantasy aisle of an audience’s brain. Rather, it will be found in their hearts, alongside other inspiring stories that empower them.
Based on two best-selling, award-winning books on this subject, your team will see the brand they manage through an author’s lens – the same lens that authors use to give their stories clear focus. As a result, your management team will finally arrive at a consensus to the oft-asked question, “What does our brand stand for?” And together they will work together to bring their newly found story to life.


What Can You Expect?
Storylab & Jim Signorelli author of StorybrandingModerated by Jim Signorelli, author, acknowledged marketing thought leader and 35-year veteran of the advertising agency business, your management team will be shown how to apply the 6-C’s StoryBranding process. It is a process designed to help brands find and live their most compelling stories. Through this process you will learn how to :

•Transform your brand into one that has a clear, unique, relevant and competitive story – no matter how mature, entrenched or undifferentiated it currently is

•Create messaging that will turn your employees into brand advocates, empower your sales force with a purpose they will enthusiastically support, and turn buyers into followers

•Tell your story through your operations as well as through marketing channels

Storybranding & Storylab teach storytelling for business communicators in branding workshops
Jim Signorelli award for Storybranding and business storytelling
5 Stars for Storybranding by Jim Signorelli and his branding workshops
Gold award for Jim Signorelli for Storybranding and teaching storytelling for business communicators through branding workshops

Storylab & Jim Signorelli author of StorybrandingThis is not a one-size-fits-all branding program. The method employed is flexible so that it can best be tailored to your brand’s situation.

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Jim Signorelli teaches business storytelling in branding workshops