Business Storytelling Training, Workshops and Strategy

•Become a more influential,motivating and inspiring business communicator
•Team training for management, sales and brand stewards
•Exclusive video coaching follow-ups
•For teams or individuals

Jim Signorelli at Storylab leads Storytelling workshops
Storytelling For Leaders is a communications workshop for management teams. At Story-lab, we provide managers with practical storytelling tools that will help them engage, persuade, and motivate others.

Storylab & Jim Signorelli lead business storytelling training for sales professionals
Storytelling for Sales is an storytelling program specifically created for sales teams. Sales teams and their management are given hands-on practice using storytelling tools that engage prospects throughout all stages of the sales process.

Storylab Business Storytelling Workshops teach StoryBranding
Our StoryBranding program provides management teams with the tools needed to create and execute a unique and compelling brand story. This program was developed by Jim Signorelli, internationally acclaimed author, former advertising agency CEO, and creator of the original StoryBranding Model.

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